Friday, April 20, 2012

Rubio: "No There Ain't No Scene In The V(i)P For Me"

Attempting to relate Ke$ha lyrics to politics? Obviously it's Friday.

Mitt Romney has essentially sealed the deal on his being the GOP's pick to go up against Obama in November. Next step: Find a Vice President. The Tea Party has for sometime now favored florida Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio has made it known that if Romney was to ask him to be his running mate that he would not accept. The Republican party is viewing Rubio as their savior of sorts come November thanks to his Latin heritage (born to Cuban immigrants) and his support for the DREAM Act

Latinos are a tricky market for conservatives to get on board but an all too necessary group to have on your side as their numbers continue to grow. While their tendency to be pro-life due to their Catholic roots screams conservative, their belief in lax immigration laws and social welfare programs makes them lean decidedly left in their voting. The belief is that bringing Rubio on board with his DREAM Act promoting endeavors will help the conservatives increase the Latin vote. Hispanics are currently the largest "minority" race in the United States and ever growing so garnering their vote is highly relevant for both sides.

Personally, not a Rubio endorser by any means. If I was aiming for the hispanic vote, I'd tap into the Bush dynasty and bring Jeb Bush out to play ball as he is well liked by the group for his work in Florida. Rob Portman, a senator from Ohio rounds out the "first round picks" of sorts. Or he could go all McCain circa 2008 and pick a rando that no one expects. Probably wouldn't be the best move. Romney needs to go for someone with already widespread appeal with set in stone conservative values if he wants to take down the libs. In my opinion. 

We shall see...

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