Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brazil, Colombia, Las Vegas is Where the Party's At

 GSA official considered to be the "head honcho"

No, I did not die. The semester is coming to a close and in the next 13 days I have 36 pages worth of research papers to write. Man I <3 college...

The American government however does not seem to have the same too busy to breathe problem though. There are currently two major scandals going on in regards to how A) Tax payer money is spent and B) Secret Service agents convinced some Colombian women to holla fo a dolla if ya know what I mean.

First thing is first, the GSA (General Services Administration) flew interns from all around the country to Palm Springs on the tax payer dollar apparently every year as a "thank you"and reportedly at least one of them was treated to a lavish suite. This was in addition to the $820,000 the GSA was found to have spent on an October 2010 conference just outside of Las Vegas for 300 federal workers. Want to hear the irony? The GSA's job is to police government expenditures on conferences and real estate.

Want to know how you spend this kind of money on a conference? $700,000 was spent on pent house suites, tuxedo rentals, a mind reader, a clown, a $75,000 team building bicycle activity (wtf?), yearbooks, souverneir books, commemorative coins for those who came and those who couldn't come and catering. "What did they eat?!" you might ask. Well, “Petit Beef Wellington,” “Mini Monte Cristo Sandwiches,” “American Artisanal Cheese Display,” 1,000 sushi rolls for $7.00 apiece, a “Pasta Reception Station,” a “Boursin Scalloped Potato with Barolo Wine Braised Short Ribs.” The GSA spent $44 per person on daily breakfasts. Their reasoning for this was that they were only permitted $93/ night per room so they promised the hosting hotel they would mak it up to them in food charges. $136,000 alone was spent on "scouting" trips on which the scouts were told to make this event bigger and better than all of the previous conferences while staying in suites at the Ritz Carlton.

Why this is bad: This was TAX PAYER MONEY.
Why this is good: This was TAX PAYER MONEY and is erupting at a time when President Obama is promoting heightening taxes despite the strong belief in the government misspending money. Buffett tax anyone?

Now For scandal dos:

New official song for the Secret Service:)

The Latin American Summit was held in Colombia with President Obama in attendance. The secret Service Agents that accompanied him were the ones making the headlines however as they were accused of having hired prostitutes on the eve of the president's visit. The Secret Service sent 11 of its members home early for misconduct and 10 military members who were also in the same hotel are suspected of wrong doing. Boys will be boys?

Now, this is not so much a scandal as it is just very unpleasant. Hillary Clinton has been dubbed "Swillary" after photos of her emerged drinking beer from the bottle and dancing in a club in the early hours of Sunday morning while in Brazil for diplomatic reasons. Kinda comes off as that mom (grandma even, the lady is 64) who busts in to her child's party and tries to act cool.

Bill Clinton has asked that the next time the president or his wife go to South America that he be invited.

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