Friday, May 25, 2012

Possibly the Longest Hiatus Ever

Between school ending and the numerous opportunities I've had to work with the Grant Stinchfield  campaign paired with non-stop working, I'm just now catching my breath. A three day weekend is just what I've been needing. Going into this holiday, remember that it is for more than a drunken weekend on the lake. Thank a veteran. 

Now on to the good stuff... When you're watching TV do you ever feel like Hollywood doesn't have anyone on your side of the issues? Do you have trouble naming a handful of celebrities on the RIGHT side? Fear not conservative/ Republican. The following is a list of celebrities that are either registered as Republicans, have supported a Republican candidate in some way or are considered leaning to the right based on their ideologies. 

Drew Carey- Registered Republican
Don King- Has supported numerous Republican candidates 
Adam Sandler- Registered Republican
 Patricia Heaton- Registered Republican
 Sammy Hagar- Donated money to the Bush re-election campaign
 Clint Eastwood- Self identifies as libertarian/ was the Republican mayor of Carmel, California/ registered as a Republican since 1951
Heather Locklear- Registered Republican
 James Earl Jones- Registered Republican
 Nick Lachey- Registered Republican
 Jessica Simpson- Registered Republican
 Bo Derek- Well known Christian conservative/ campaigned for GHWB in 1988/1992 and GWB in 2000/2004
 Robert Duvall- Narrated most of the videos for the 2008 RNC
 Tony Danza- Registered Republican
 Chuck Norris- Donated thousands of dollars to Republican candidates since 1988/ campaigned for 2008 Republican presidential contender Huckabee
 LL Cool J- Registered Republican/ Atended 2004 RNC
 Stephen Baldwin- Outspoken Christian conservative
 Bruce Willis- Claims to be an independent but has endorsed Republican candidates since 2000
 Sylvester Stallone- Registered Republican
 Tom Selleck- Registered Republican
 Wayne Newton- Registered Republican
 Mel Gibson- Leans right/ traditional Catholic values- has spoken out against stem cell research and the death of Terry Schaivo in 2005
 Gloria Estefan- Registered Republican
 John Voight-Registered Republican
(How his home-wrecking, bleeding-heart daughter came from him is a mystery)
 Sarah Michelle Gellar-Registered Republican
 Allice Cooper- Supported GWB both terms
"When I read the list of people who are supporting Kerry, if I wasn't already a Bush supporter I would have immediately switched."
 Kelsey Grammer-Registered Republican/ campaigned for McCain after Giuliani (who he had been campaigning for) dropped out
 Pat Sajak-Registered Republican/ Major donor to the Ronal Reagan Presidential Library
 The Rock- Registered Republican/ Delivered speech at the 2000 RNC
 Scott Baio-Registered Republican
Shannen Doherty- Registered Republican
"Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes, and we should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens." (2002)
Angie Harmon- She and her husband delivered speech at 2004 RNC/ Supported McCain for president and said that she would support Sarah Palin if she were to ever run
(She's a Dallas/ Highland Park girl!!:))
Dale Earnhardt Jr- Registered Republican
Dr Phil-Registered Republican
Kid Rock-Registered Republican
James Woods- Supported of GWB and former Mayor Giuliani
(SO excited to know he's on the RIGHT side- HUGE JW fan!)
Dennis Miller- Supported Giuliani then McCain in 2008/ frequent guest on The O'Reilly Factor
(Never realized half of the cast of Joe Dirt was a Republican... I knew I liked that movie!)

 Elizabeth Hasselbeck- Host of The View- the only voice of reason on that bleeding heart show/Registered Republican
Ted Nugent- No words. Obvious Republican to the extreme

Also, feel free to count most of NASCAR/ the country music scene on this list. Except the Dixie Twits. I am ashamed that they are from Texas. There. I said it.