Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blonde Expert Talks Politics

My life is nothing if not ironic. One of the figures I have grown up respecting (admittedly very strangely) is Hugh Hefner. Politics aside, he kind of always seemed like a bad a to me all surrounded by Barbie clones living in an awesome house. Hef rarely takes part in politics unless it involves, you guessed it, sex. However, Hef took up his pen and wrote an editorial for Playboy in which he blasted the GOP's stance on issues like abortion and birth control.

Hef's basically taken on the GOP and what he considers to be their war on sex. He cites Romney's vow to overturn Roe v Wade were he to take office and Santorum's blasting birth control as "a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things should be". Additionally, most GOP big shots would like to ban gay marriage. While not a liberal by ANY means, I do take issue with many of these points.

First of all, you will not find a bigger proponent of gay marriage than me. That's just how I was raised. You like boys?! Me too! And guess what's even better?? We are NOT going for the same boys! You are not my competition! Let's be friends:) You cannot help who you like. Trust me, if I could my life would be SO different. Who am I to pass judgment on someone for who they like?

Second of all, birth control, if you pay for it yourself should be readily available. If you choose to be sexually active and do not want a child, it is better that you have a means of preventing pregnancy than terminating it. It is not the government's business to control preventative measures whether you are married, in a relationship or single. Where I take issue is people like Sandra Fluke demanding that other people pay for it. That's a joke. Also, what birth control costs $3,000 a year?? No one is asking that you get the Mercedes Benz of birth control. According to my pharmacist friend, the pill costs about $30/month. So about $360/ year. For the record, having insurance cover Viagra is even dumber. Another cost the individual should take upon themselves if they... have the need for it.

Over turn Roe v Wade? That's chill.

However, Hugh Hefner does not possess the political clout to really be worried what he says. I do not see him reprising his 1980s role of leader of the "sexual revolution" anytime soon. While he is obviously an intelligent man to have started the empire he has, his expertise is better off relegated to the bedroom.

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