Thursday, April 26, 2012

Being a Republican. TFM.

So this evening I took time off from paper writing to accompany a friend and fellow Grant Stinchfield campaign worker to a meeting of the Dallas Young Republicans to get Grant's name out there and meet like minded individuals. I would like to make a couple of points about this evening:

1. I FINALLY get the above total frat move. This meeting was held at Four Lounge in Uptown. Ordinarily they meet at the Londoner. Any SMU student/ true Dallasite will respect this. You can find out more information about this great group and how to get involved here.

2. As many of my close friends know, I am very passionate about the pro life movement. After finding out a former acquaintance of mine was treating what amounted to several lives with such a lack of reverence, I began looking into the movement and its message. I have for the past few months been attempting to start a group to promote these ideals on campus with no particular religious affiliation. However, as the Catholic church has the strongest foothold on the matter and I am not Catholic, it has been difficult to garner support. This evening I met someone who could very well put me in contact with the people best equipped to help me see this goal through and I can honestly say I feel like there was a higher power at work there.

Now on to the Politics of the day:
I would compare Michelle Obama to Marie Antoinette, but I'd hate to flatter her. Marie Antoinette, though a lavish spender, was not the downfall of France as she is often portrayed to have been. Rather she entered a family of extravagant spenders as a young girl, got caught up in their lifestyle and lost her head.

Michelle on the other hand...
A group called Judicial Watch looked into her summer of 2010 trip to Spain that the group found to have cost tax payers approximately $468,000. How does a vaycay cost that much you might wonder, but when you take into account that she did not fly coach on American Airlines and the people who accompanied her had to stay somewhere and eat you start seeing where the money went.

The report found that in addition to food and other expenses for the fifteen person crew from her flight and the secret service members who accompanied her, $10,000 was spent on hotels. The flight alone based on Pentagon estimates totaled roughly $199,000. Then you must take into account the $255,000 in expenses racked up by the secret service. While she may have payed for her own accommodations and what not, an almost half a million dollar vacation on the tax payer's dollar is ridiculous and unacceptable.

(For more information on government wastefulness check out this post about the GSA.)

The Obama's and liberals in general always claim to be so involved in the plight of the poor of America meanwhile they behave like this. Do as we say not as we do situation I suppose..

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