Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Aw Coco, you deleted your comment before I got a chance to reply. No fear! I received an email of it so I can still adress it. Rather than give out my email to a stranger, I thought it would be prudent to adress your grievances here since you apparently view this blog. 

First of all, my posts were motivated by a friend of mine and I being subjected to severe anti-white rhetoric in downtown Dallas as a large and intimidating group of Trayvon Martin advocates attacked us based on our race not knowing that we both had found the Trayvon Martin case to thus far being a blatant miscarriage of justice. Yes, they DID try to make it a race issue in that case. They obviously were looking for problems between the races in that instance so be careful of your rhetoric as you said "No one "EVER tries to make anything a race issue".  

As far as did Zimmerman "go free"? No, he was taken in the night it happened he just has yet to be charged with the crime. However, due to the ever more emerging media manipulation of both sides of the story, we don't really have any idea what happened. One day you hear Zimmerman had no visible injuries, the next there is footage of alleged lacerations on the back of his head. You heard he called Trayvon a c***, I heard he called him an a**hole which would not be a racial slur. 

You said " If the man was arrested, we would be p**** that this young man was murdered for looking "suspicious", but if Zimmerman were arrested there would not be outrage." Um... what?

In reference to the Black Panther's input, yes it was unsolicited and yes they are entitled to free speech, but it was completely unnecessary. Neither the Black Panthers nor the KKK have any place in modern society as the both promote archaic racist ideals that seek no purposes that would be beneficial to society. 

As for the welfare issue and what not, I have never once on this blog adressed welfare in terms of who  is on it or disparaged people dependent on it. What you did is called arguing beside the point. That's a big no no in the legal world. 

Thank you for praising my blog, but insinuating that I may possibly be "a hate monger and ignorant" is hilarious. I'm not going to take the typical white person cop out of "Hey, I have black friends!" (even though I do. All other colors of the rainbow too.) but your speculation is offensive and in an educated and well though out debate have no place.

Also for the record in reference to your crass metaphor of "don't pea on my boots and tell me its raining", unless you don't want me to assault your shoes with veggies, it is pee*. 

As far as the Spike Lee incident, I would like to amend my previous statement. The director later ended up doing the right and very classy thing which was to not only pay for the alternate accommodations for the elderly couple displaced by his tweet, but also called them to personally apologize.  

Rest assured, I do investigate every side of these stories I post about, but I do find myself leaning to the right nine times out of ten and I do not mind that my posts reflect that. 

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