Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm Baaaaaackkkkkk

Due to my soaking up all of the social benefits Greek life has to offer over the past couple of days, I haven't had a chance to post. Additionally, I got to meet with some of the great individuals working on the Grant Stinchfield campaign yesterday afternoon and help get his name out there. Truly an amazing opportunity and I cannot wait to really get to work on the campaign. Anyways, a couple of interesting videos have popped up on my radar the last couple of days and I thought I would share. This first video is from the Grant Stinchfield campaign and is not only informative, but quite amusing too:

Moral of the story: Don't mess with someone who investigated people for a living.
The second video was forwarded to me by a good friend and fellow young conservative who unlike me has a TV and is therefore able to better access media stories such as this one.
No, your skeezy waiter didn't slip something in your drink at dinner, they said $17 trillion with a tr. That is how much has gone unaccounted for thus far in terms of plans for paying for Obamacare. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. "Liabities?" Haha, I hope you understand that the 17 Tril. number they speak of is based all on "what if's". What if all 300,000,000 Americans get cancer. Highly unlikely but let's say "what if". The average treatment for cancer is $30,000 - $65,00. So let's multiply 50,000 x 300,000,000. You get 15 Trillion Dollars. Lets look at the definition of "liabities".

    Liabilities - "future sacrifice of economic benefits that the entity is presently obliged to make to other entities as a result of past transactions and other past events." So if everyone in America gets sick. It then becomes a past event therefore obamacare is obliged to pay for 300,000,000 sick people.
    Now if that happens there won't even be enough hospitals to treat, yet alone hospitalize this genocide.

    "Modest estimate", "Optimistic Assumption". Obviously this is no guarantee. And 75 years down the road from now, treatments will be far different. And let me make the assumption that it will be far cheaper for everything. Especially w/ robotics & bio-engineering.

    Fox News can make anyone, hate anything.
    You should probably not solely base your information on Fox News alone.

  2. I want to make clear that I mean Biomedical Engineering.