Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama is Confident

The President attended the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul South Korea Monday (3/26) and got to have a nice chat with Russian President Medvedev. Obama after walking in covered the microphone with his hand and let Medvedev know that he needed the Russians to back off a little bit and give him more space in regards to several issues, but particularly in regards to missile defense. He went on to claim that since this was his last election coming up that he would have more flexibility after. Medvedev then agreed to relay this message to President -elect Putin.
All of this was caught by the reporters who were coming into the room at the time because he covered the microphone with his hand, he didn't turn it off. They heard every word. Cocky much? As of today Obama's strong approval rating was 27% with a 40% strong disapproval rating, giving him a -13 rating essentially according to Rasmussen Reports . Why exactly he is so confident that he will be reelected is beyond me. His assurance to foreign leaders that he will be considerably more "flexible" if he is reelected is an absolute nightmare. If he considers himself to be in check now, the United States after his second term will probably be akin to Russia circa 1950.

Fun fact: Vladimir Putin is currently the President-elect of Russia and also the Russian Prime Minister as he was appointed by his successor and current President Dmitry Medvedev. Putin became acting president in 1999 after the President at the time resigned. Putin then ran and won in 2000. He ran again in 2004 and was once again reelected, but due to term limits he was unable to run for a third consecutive term. Insert Medvedev who runs for and wins the presidency and in turn appoints Putin to the position of Prime Minister. Now Putin has once again run for president and won. Essentially Medvedev acted as a placeholder for Putin so as to still allow him to have a great deal of control over the country. Pretty  corrupt isn't it? And this is who our president is all giddy to make promises to about his flexibility in the future.

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