Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goodmorning All. Welcome to 1960.

Apparently we woke up in 1960 this morning, did you know? Racism is now openly acceptable. Director and idiot Spike Lee has been retweeting the address of George Zimmerman. Essentially, he is endorsing the harassment of the man who lives at this address. But one problem: that's not where he lives. That's where William George Zimmerman lived in the 1990s with his parents after college. Different guy and that George Zimmerman doesn't even live there anymore. His parents who are in their 70s do. They have had to leave their home and move into a hotel due to the harassment that has been directed at them. When their son, WILLIAM George Zimmerman asked to have the address taken down, he received the reply "Black power all day. No justice, no peace" and then an obscenity from the originator of the false address- a man in California.
Trayvon Martin is dead and what happened was a travesty if there was indeed a true miscarriage of justice, but putting innocent people in danger who are completely unrelated to the case is completely unforgivable. Furthermore, reasserting the desire to make this an issue divided by race is dividing a country. Racism does exist. He is right about that. But what a lot of people refuse to adress because it is not politically correct is that it can go both ways and messages such as this reinforce that. Furthering the fault between races will get nothing done other than causing a rise of interracial violence.
So, once again do NOT make the mistake of confusing the possibility of a miscarriage of justice with a race issue. Wait for all of the facts before jumping to conclusions. Even if it does turn out that Zimmerman's and the police's actions were racially motivated, do not assume that all people of that race should be held accountable for what happened.
No more black power. No more white power. We live in the UNITED States of America. Act like it.

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