Wednesday, October 17, 2012

These Debates Are Turning Into a Joke

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Notice Michelle Obama clapping as the moderator interrupts Romney in her husband's defense despite the fact that the moderator is supposed to be unbiased and you are not supposed to make any congratulatory or detracting sounds during the debates? Classyyyyyyy.

While finding someone with absolutely no political bias is tricky if not impossible, it is obvious that the Commission on Presidential Debates was barely even trying to find someone who fit that criteria. "To hell with looking for a media figure lacking a blatant liberal bias", I imagine they said.
Jim Lehrer (PBS): Liberal
Martha Raddatz (ABC): Liberal (Obama was a guest at her 1991 wedding and the groom, now ex husband and former classmate of Obama, is the chairman of the FCC)
Candy Crowley (CNN): Liberal
Bob Schieffer (CBS): Liberal

Jim Lehrer was ineffectual and as a consequence was verbally run over by the two much more vigorous candidates. Martha Raddatz allowed the round table format debate to turn into something like The View with Biden playing the role of Joy Behar and Ryan the Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Raddatz was for all intents and purposes Barbara Walters. This is an oversimplification of course, but it denotes the bitch-fest Raddatz allowed the debate to devolve to.
Then there was Candy Crowley. Honestly going into this I had barely heard of this woman, but knowing she came from CNN, my hopes weren't high for her moderation.
Even with the little hope I had instilled in this woman, she failed miserably. It is not the responsibility or the right of the moderator to interject her opinion on a matter or to correct a debater for facts that she deems to be incorrect, but interject she did. Everyone was waiting for this debate to see how the candidates would debate on the matter of Libya but once it was brought up, she couldn't help but to get involved.  Romney pointed out that it had taken 14 days for this administration to acknowledge to September 11th attack in Benghazi as an act of terror with nothing to do with an inflammatory video. She inappropriately countered with the assertion that he called it 'an act of terror'. In the post debate she admitted that Romney's main point was correct but she thought in the way he went about saying it he made it wrong. Um none of your beeswax lady. You're the moderator. If his point was not factual, which it was, it was Obama's job to expose that.
However these candidates answered in regards to questions on Libya, foreign policy and national security was sure to make waves, but Following one week of ineffective moderation and one week of biased moderation, it would have been prudent for the CPD to at least try to make sure their latest moderator was a touch less obvious in her bias. Here's hoping Bob Scheffer is able to be a little more subtle next week.

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