Monday, October 15, 2012

Hollywood's Obsession with Objectifying Women

The idea of objectifying women generally is in regards to the exploitation of their bodies for sexual purposes, but I would venture to say the liberal left could be charged as being equally guilty of objectification. They are using women and their bodies as a divisive political issue and as a means to attack the Republican party with oversimplifications, scare tactics and out right lies. Currently, 46% of women consider the economy to be their most important issue going into this election. Less than half of that number, 20%, consider healthcare to be the most important. While both issues are of great importance, the former is a concept that most in Hollywood are not capable of fully grasping. However, Hollywood women do apparently care a great deal about women's rights as we have all heard ad nauseam. Today this jewel of an advertisement for the Obama campaign was released:

First of all, having Eva Longoria as a California Co-chair for you reelection campaign makes about as much sense as having Sylvia Plath be your life coach.

Second, let's break down why these women would be better served statutory raping teenage gardeners on prime time soaps and being felt up by Isaac Mizrahi.

Mitt Romney is for ending money to Planned Parenthood:Scare tactic. Mitt Romney has said that if elected president, he would cut funding to Planned Parenthood. This is true, but in February the House had already voted to cut federal funding to PP (240-185) with 7 Republicans voting against it and 10 democrats voting for cutting funding. Planned Parenthood is prohibited from using federal funding on abortion services, so the cut would effect family planning and birth control services. The big rub most people find is that this would effect many women's ability to receive preventative cancer screenings. The following chart from Planned Parenthood shows that 70% of their business covers the treatment of/ testing for STD's and contraception. Only 1/6 of the entire business covered by PP is cancer screenings.  Federal funding does make up 1/3 of its total revenue but a company that also receives state and local funding, private donations and is partnered with organizations such as Susan G Komen in addition to requiring payment (at reduced cost) for services should, if managed responsibly, be able to more than cover breast cancer screenings. (Susan G Komen donates an average of $680,000 a year to the organization but when they cut funding to them, PP received $400,000 from donors in two days and then Komen decided to once again donate to them.) As far as the abortions are concerned, true it only comprises 3% of their total business, but in that 3% were 329,445 abortions. I do not view abortion as in general an issue of women's health. There are cases, select cases in which abortion needs to be an option, but being irresponsible is not one of them. Suck it up and be a grown up. If you are mature enough to have sex you're mature enough to deal with the consequences. Side note: Next person who says to me "I'm pro-choice not pro-abortion" gets hit. No one is saying you are chasing pregnant women around with coat hangers...
And just because the whole abortion issue really gets to me, in Texas you can get an abortion up to 15 weeks. This is what a baby looks like at 15 weeks:
Yeahhhh definitely not a baby or anything! I absolutely loathe Planned Parenthood.

He said he'd overturn Roe v Wade: Incorrect. According to his campaign website, Mitt Romney's official position is that "He will protect the right of healthcare workers to follow their conscience in their work." In other words, if you are a private doctor who would like to perform abortions, he would not work to stop your doing that. Abortions under Romney would still be provided by doctors in practices which do not receive federal funding. The price at these locations would be up to the doctor. With an issue as divisive as abortion does it not make sense to not force people through taxes to fund an institution in anyway that performs abortions, even if that money does not directly fund abortions? This assertion is incorrect and a scare tactic.

Republicans are trying to redefine rape: Oversimplification. This is obviously in reference to Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin saying that according to some doctors he's spoken with, legitimate rape causes a woman's body to shut down and prevent her form getting pregnant. This statement has been condemned by people on the left and right alike. Mitt Romney called the comment 'inexcusable' and suggested that Akin 'exit the race'. You cannot generalize an entire party by the thoughtless comments of one wayward member. If that were the case, Biden would have long ago completely screwed the democrats. 

Forcing women to undergo invasive ultrasounds: Scare tactic and oversimplification.This is in reference to laws in many states, including Texas, which require a doctor prior to performing an abortion to perform an ultrasound on the woman, show her the fetus and describe its size and any visible limbs and organs. Abortions rights activists have likened the placing the probe inside of the woman (the same probe used for ultra sounds for pregnancies in general and as a means to diagnose a number of medical issues) to rape. Obnoxious much? The goal in this is to show the woman what is inside of her so she can make an informed decision about the life she is ending and not  in the future realize the traumatic consequences of an uninformed decision. It's not a mole you are getting rid of, it is a life and anyway to make the mother more aware of this, lest they come to regret it down the road, should not be considered bad. 

They end this by urging you to vote for Barack Obama as OBVIOUSLY he knows/cares more about the vajay than Mitt Romney. Whatever. Apparently women are not buying this as being the leading issue in this election because as was stated above, women consider the economy to be their top issue this election. In fact in swing states Romney is currently getting a huge boost from women. As in virtually every other area, the Republican party, in regards to women's health, is in favor of personal responsibility. Want an abortion? Pay for it. See the life inside of you and be resolute in your desire to end it.  As for the cancer screening, to say that federally defunding planned parenthood would keep women from receiving cancer screenings ignores the massive amounts of money PP already receives from other sources, including the patients themselves for a variety of services. 

The dems can say and do whatever they want, today the Gallup poll showed Romney pulling ahead by 5 points. What whatttt!:)

Despite my views, the following is HILARIOUS and SO true: