Monday, October 8, 2012

Big Week of Missteps for the Obama Campaign

Number Five:
Las Vegas Review Journal Endorses Mitt Romney

While not technically the fault of the Obama campaign per se, it does speak volumes that any publication coming from Las Vegas would prefer a conservative candidate. I mean seriously, it is "Sin City". Prostitution is legal there, gambling a plenty, booze flowing like the Hoover Dam just burst. Why would a city such as Las Vegas endorse a Mormon who is probably aghast at a lot of what goes on there? That is it right there. He is Mormon. Thanks to stringent laws in Utah which prosecute for polygamy, many Mormons have moved to neighboring Nevada, namely Las Vegas. This is because Nevada is less inclined to prosecute them for their lifestyle choices than Utah because let's face it, LV has way bigger problems to worry about. Next to a kid with a cracked out stripper mother, a kid with 7 moms in prairie skirts is doing pretty good. As Nevada is a swing state that went blue in the last election, Obama should be worried about losing it (Florida ain't looking too good either...)

Number Four: 
Obama campaign accused of threatening NAACP official

Whether of not this is true remains to be seen, but the leader of the South Suburban branch of Chicago's NAACP David Lowery has filed a police report against the campaign for allegedly receiving threats. Lowery has stated publicly that he does not support the president as he does not believe he has done what he promised for the black community. He says in a recent phone conversation a campaign official told him, "You know what? I know everything about you. We've been watching you, and since you don't support Obama, we'll deal with you." The campaign responded by saying there was a miscommunication between the official and Lowery.

Number Three:
Obama campaign found to be soliciting illegal contributions

In order to donate to an election in the United States directly or indirectly, you must be a citizen. However, the Government Accountability Institute has found that the Obama administration has been illegally soliciting foreign donors via social media outlets. 20% of visitors to the Obama campaign owned  "originated form foreign locations"and at no point are donors on said website asked if they are legally allowed to contribute to an American campaign. It goes against federal law to "solicit, accept or receive" donations directly or indirectly from a foreign national so we shall see how this plays out in the coming days.

Number Two:
$5 trillion number inaccurate
Taken from Snoop Dogg's Instagram

The Obama campaign concedes that their allegation of Romney's $5 trillion tax-cut, a point on which a large part of their campaign is based, is not true. Note this is CNN, a network that while more balanced than Fox or MSNBC, still tends to lean liberal.

Number One biggest gaffe of the week:
Obviously, the debate from hell. 

As of today, thanks in large part to Obama's dismal debate performance on Thursday, Gallup is showing a 5 point boost for the Governor. Obama was sitting at a 50-45 lead, a gap that has since been closed leaving both candidates at 47%. Rasmussen Report similarly shows each candidate receiving 48% of the vote in polling. It is clear that the lead had by Obama pre-debate has narrowed if not having closed due to his Thursday night performance. Since then, he has been on a whirlwind delayed comebacks tour as he comes up with clever quips to put Romney in his place.

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