Thursday, September 20, 2012

Narcissism and Lies From the Obama Campaign

No, that is not a kindergartener's finger painting or the picture from a crime scene. This my friends is a new print made by Ross Bruggink and Dan Olson of Studio MPLS. They are legitimately trying to sell this to people for $35 a pop. Never mind the fact that it is the height of narcissism and disrespect to replace the field of stars representing the 50 states with a campaign symbol, but it's ugly as hell too.

Anyways, congressional budget analysts came out yesterday and said that 6 million people, mostly residing in the middle class Obama claims he wants to help so much, will face a tax penalty for not having medical coverage. The average penalty is projected to be around $1,200 in 2016. The non-partisan office projected 4 million people would be effected when the analysis was originally done in 2010, but they now admit they were off by about 2 million people. No big deal or anything.

This is a pretty substantial blow to Obama's campaign as he has repeatedly vowed to not raise taxes for who he deems to be the middle class (individuals making less than $200,000/year, families making less than $250,000/year) However, 80% of those being penalized would make $55,850 or less for an individual and $115,250 or less for a family. Smack dab in the midst of the middle class. The penalty, when it goes into effect in 2016, is expected to raise $6.9 billion.

If you remember back to this summer, the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare and its corresponding penalties by saying it was constitutional as it was within congressional power to levy a tax. However, one of the major points made about the bill was that this would be a penalty, not a tax. Oops, it's a tax. It is expected that a number of people will opt to simply pay the tax come 2016 as the average health insurance for a family costs $15,800 and the average cost for a single plan is $4,300. Comparably, the tax/penalty/whatever the f it is, is relatively cheap.

This is the latest broken promise form Obama and his administration. I can't say he has at any point promised anything for me and mine, but to a number of his supporters this is a slap in the face. Raising taxes under the guise of a penalty is deplorable and people will realize and are realizing what he is doing. Will this hurt his poll numbers? Stay tuned.

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