Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Imma Republican votin for Mitt RMoneyy

During my summer sabbatical a lot changed on the political landscape. Romney announced the  adorable economic genius (and only 6% body fat having) Paul Ryan as his running-mate and was officially nominated at the Republican National Convention to be the GOP's candidate to take on Obama.  The Republicans raised more than $100 million in June, July and August and around $75 million in May for a combined total of  just under $400 million for the summer, outstripping Obama.  Obama supports gay marriage openly now and has added top political minds Eva Longoria and Kal Penn (Kumar) to his team of miscreants. With so much having had happen since June, it's hard to summarize it, but with the RNC having just recently ended and the DNC in full swing, there is much ground to be covered there.

Now admittedly due to my night class I have not yet seen Michelle Obama's speech, which I heard was actually very good even if you're not a fan, but as soon as I get to I plan to contrast hers with Ann Romney's because more than ever, this year women seem to be playing a larger role in the arena. But for now, I will leave you with the skit Obama wasted who knows how much time on pandering to the stoner masses. If I were him I probably would too seeing as you'd have to be high to vote him back into office. Also, I can't really tell if Nicki Minaj is being sarcastic (probably), but this is rather catchy!

**Side Note: One of the best things about going to SMU is the opportunities put before you. Being in college in Dallas during an election year is amazing as it has afforded me the opportunity to take on my second internship in the political realm. As of last week, I began work on the John Carona and Kenneth Sheets campaigns in addition to my phone banking for Mitt Romney. All three are very worthy Republican candidates who we could only be so lucky to have represent us.

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