Monday, January 21, 2013

It's 9:39pm and Obama Still Sucks

Today was the most depressing day of the year. Allegedly it had nothing to do with Obama being sworn in for a second term, but I'm not 100% on that. Rather than watch liberal-fest in Washington, I partook in some other more worthwhile endeavors:

7am: I awoke to a kidney kick from my Yorkie, let her out of my room for someone else to deal with and went back to sleep
9am: My mother called me (On my phone... I'm serious) from downstairs to wake me up
12pm: I saw "Mama"- It had its good moments, but I wasn't all that jazzed about the special effects.
2pm: I played with my dog for an hour
3pm: I took a three hour nap
6pm: I ate dinner
6:30-now: I watched trashy TV

Do you see the picture I am painting for you? I had to be extra slovenly to avoid what was all over TV all day. Really put me out.

This photo is of the 2009 Inauguration Day crowds in which it is estimate 1.8 million people attended. Gag me with a spoon much? I haven't been able to find anything from this same angle from today, but about 800,000 fewer people are thought to have attended this go-around. That's a substantial number. Could the higher turn out last time be attributed to the novelty of electing the first African American president in 2008? Waning popularity in 2013? Economic factors impacting the ease of travel for many in 2013? Were people, like Miss America, wary of the cold? Could people just be seeing through his BS finally? Who knows. 

What I do know is that the only former presidents in attendance were former President Carter and Hillary Clinton's husband who used to be president, Bill Clinton. George HW Bush's recent illness prevented his attendance and is thought to have been his son's reason for not attending, although no official reason was given. Also, contrary to convention, Mitt Romney failed to show citing work conflicts. Unlike Obama, Mitt Romney works for what he has so I'd consider that a valid excuse. Oprah also wasn't there due to a conflict with a speaking engagement. Maybe the rumors of MO being jealous of the Queen of Talk's relationship with BO are true? Who cares. 

This was kind of funny though because you can tell her mom is like "Stahp it!" Kid's got moves. 

1,460 days until Inauguration Day 2017...