Tuesday, February 21, 2012

 Politics are my life and I think that everyone should be a little more aware of what is happening in Washington as it affects everyone whether they realize it or not. My goal is to break down the goings on in Washington (and wherever else is pertinent to politics) so that anyone and everyone can understand it, even a blonde.  
As of right now, one of the biggest issues (and an issue I care about immensely) is the Republican primaries and who will eventually win the GOP candidacy. Currently, this is how the field is looking. Santorum is no doubt the "come out of nowhere candidate" of this race. Anyone who watched the first debates would know, he hardly received any airtime while Perry and Romney received the bulk of it. As unbelievable as it is, at this point it is most likely between Santorum and Romney. Gingrich, my personal favorite, is a brilliant speaker and would I think destroy Obama in a debate, but he is corse and doesn't have the charisma that the American population slobbers over, so, sadly I don't see him gaining anymore ground at this point. Ron Paul is quite possibly the smartest man up there,  but he also has been painted as a crack-pot by the media, so don't expect to see him with a legitimate bid for the white house. He has always reminded me of Ross Perot in many ways. They're really smart, but all they really succeed in doing is detracting votes that would generally go to the primary Republican candidate. Since I don't see Gingrich going up against Romney/ Santorum and winning, my dream team at this point would be Romney for president with Gingrich as VP. Santorum is a little too right-wing even for me and that would risk his alienating the potential votes the GOP candidate will so desperately need to defeat Obama in November. This is basically just a summary of my view on the primaries thus far and really explains nothing, but more to come!

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