Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mitt Romney

I'll go ahead and post the platforms of the "Final 4" in a blonde friendly manner:)

Mitt Romney
Former Governor of Massachusetts

Social Issues
Abortion: Pro- Life except for incest/ rape if the mother's life is in danger
Crime: Supports the three-strikes rule (after two or more serious offenses person would receive a life sentence) and has proposed legislation in support of the death penalty.
Gay Marriage: Does not support same-sex marriage but has in the past supported "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and legislation meant to curtail hate crimes against gays
Gun Ownership: Does support the right to bare arms but supports a ban on assault weapons
Drugs: Does not believe in legalizing any drugs including marijuana
SOPA: Denounced SOPA
Stem Cell Research: Would not federally fund stem cell research

Job creation: Claims his in his own state exceeds Obama's
Stimulus: Has supported and denounced it, once in the same day!
Deficit: Supports a raise in the national debt ceiling if and only if there are major cut backs in the U.S.'s current spending habits
Unions: Critical of them. Accused them of "taking care of Obama and he of them".
Minimum Wage: Supports gradual and predictable changes to minimum wage with no sudden, large jumps
Unemployment: Instead of the current unemployment system, calls for either A) Unemployment insurance of sorts which the individual pays into and if necessary can withdraw should they become unemployed or B) Offering incentives to companies/ businesses to hire people who have bee employed for awhile
Taxes Way too much to list as far as this is concerned in a concise manner, but he just today (2/22) announced that he plans to across the board slash taxes by 20% in light of Santorum's ever increasing momentum.
Energy: Supports increased drilling and want the US to become independent of foreign oil reliance. He does support drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge as a temporary solution. He supports nuclear energy as well as clean energy and wants oil companies to reinvest profits for clean energy.
Environment: Acknowledges climate change but says he believes it to be a world problem not only the United States' problem and says that he will always side with human health and safety and protecting the environment over all else.
European Debt Crisis: Has said the Untied States should not help bail them out.
Healthcare: He does oppose Obamacare. He would leave it up to each individual state to decide how to best handle healthcare but would himself like to see policies that included preemptive care and ones that  covered preexisting conditions.

Foreign Policy
National Defense: Would increase the size of the military by 100,000. Would not support reducing the number of nuclear missiles the United States possesses and says that he doesn't think ronald Reagan's belief in the abolition of nuclear weapons is realistic.
Immigration: Opposes the DREAM Act, calls for an increase in legal immigration and a decrease in illegal immigration.

War on Terror
Guantanamo Bay: Wanted to double the number of prisoners there where they could not gain access to lawyers and everything else they would have on our soil.
Interrogation: Does not support torture but does support enhanced interrogation techniques.
Iran: Has said he does not believe that the Iranians could not be dealt with but would not take nuclear measures off of the tale as a possibility.
Iraq War: Supported the invasion of Iraq, criticized the mismanagement of affairs in Iraq an criticized Obama's announcement of plans to withdraw all troops from Iraq.
Afghanistan War: Supported the bush doctrine and US troops being in Afghanistan, criticized plans to withdraw all troops by 2013.

I will be posting Santorum's platform very soon!

*Romney of course has opinions and positions on a great many other issues and the above opinions are subject to change.

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